Scentsy Independent Director – Heather Llanes

If you have even considered owning your own business, then you should consider a few things.

Going into business for yourself usually means a lot of financial risk, but by joining Scentsy as an Independent Consultant, you will have all the tools available to you to build a worldwide global business for just a $99 start up fee.    You can start your home based candle business that can flourish in all 50 US states,  including Puerto Rico, Canada, and soon, the United Kingdom and Germany. Scentsy is expanding internationally into this Spring with their wickless candle products.

What is a wickless candle?  It is a safe alternative to traditional flame candles.  Wickless Candles have no wick, no flame, no smoke, no soot, and no lead.  Scentsy is the industry leader for this product category.   It is completely safe around kids and pets.  The wax does not burn or evaporate; the only thing being released into the air is the fragrance.  This is the best scent system on the market today.

Scentsy started just 12 years ago in 2004 and is based in Idaho. This company began in a 40ft shipping container on a sheep farm in Idaho, but was named by Inc 500 to be one of fastest growing companies in the US in 2010. Scentsy is a direct selling party plan company. Scentsy Consultants can choose the way they would like to work their business through many methods, including the traditional home party where guests can experience Scentsy by smelling over 80 scents to choose from and seeing the product at use in the party host’s home.

Scentsy Consultants also can use mini scent testers to have “basket parties”, which are similar to a catalog party, only the 80 mini scent testers are available for the customers to smell before placing their orders.  Displaying the mini testers in a cute basket on an office desk with some catalogs and order forms can be a simple way to receive orders.  Some Scentsy Consultants have booths set up at fairs and shows.

Scentsy has fundraiser brochures and materials available for Scentsy Consultants that would like to help organizations with their fundraising goals.   Finally, Scentsy Consultants can build their online business, with a complete website provided to them free of charge for the first three months, and then afterwards it is only $10 a month to keep it.

Scentsy candle warmers use a low-watt light bulb to heat small cubes of Scentsy wax, which is made with a unique formula.  Scentsy warmers are also home décor, available in over 50 different styles and colors. The Scentsy wax bars are available in 80+ scents, and the current selection is updated twice a year for the Fall/Winter season and the Spring/Summer season. In addition, a new scent and new candle warmer is revealed each month and offered at a discount.

When selecting a direct sales company, it is important to choose one that is a member of the Direct Selling Association.  Scentsy is not only a member, but has been recognized repeatedly as one of the best direct selling business opportunities.  Scentsy products are consumable, which means your customers will keep coming back to you for more products.   Scentsy customers quickly become loyal and long-term customers.  Your business will also increase as you build a team of other Scentsy Consultants. You can sponsor new consultants to join Scentsy.  By mentoring them and helping them build their own business, you will begin to earn a bonus each month based on a percentage of their sales.  For more info about joining Scentsy, please visit my website,

Heather Llanes – Independent Scentsy Director

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